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    The beginning of Healthworld, April 19, 1983, is the shared birthday of Dr.s Gary and Joel Young, and was a fortuitous blessing, indeed. Working 7 days a week, no case was too difficult; no pain was too great for the ‘Young brothers’ to help.

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    At Healthworld, we create a simple and easy-to-follow first step that is an important and critical first step towards rebuilding a new and re-vitalized body, from the inside out!

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    At Healthworld, Dr. Young has post-graduate training in sports medicine, and has successfully and effectively treated tens of thousands of fingers, toes, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and wrists as well!

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    As a trained and certified chiropractic sports physician (see the Healthworld Difference section: Dr. Young’s credentials) using a wide variety of Physical Therapy equipment and tools, is really just: ‘part of the job.’

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    Dr. Gary Young has trained, hundreds of adults, kids, ‘weekend warriors’, and top athletes to a higher and much more productive level of athletic excellence than ever before!

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    All of my training and all of my instructors have across the Board, earned my devoted respect. Yet, invariably a favorite emerges; one that goes deep in the heart and who defines true excellence in his art.

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Physical Therapy Westchester NY


As a trained and certified chiropractic sports physician (see the Healthworld Difference section: Dr. Young’s credentials) using a wide variety of Physical Therapy equipment and tools, is really just: ‘part of the job.’

Physical Therapy Equipment

First and foremost, in dealing with hard, acute, screaming at the top of your lungs pain, clinically, is:


Yes ice, not heat!

Too, many people and even seasoned doctors continue to make this simple and yet, critical mistake! They recommend heat to ‘soothe and relax’ the muscles, yet it will invariably exacerbate the inflammatory condition and make the sharp pains much worse indeed! The muscles will also rebound into a guarding type of spasm that is in and of itself, can be extraordinarily painful!

So, yes, ice used, with a small towel or tissue on the skin first, of course is the initial physical therapy of choice.

Then use a type of ace bandage, where properly needed (never over the throat!) in order to exert moderate compression pressure of the ice into the painful damaged tissues (Please consult your Doctor).

Remember the sports medicine acronym = P.R.I.C.E.S

P= Protect

R= Rest

I= Ice

C= Compress

E= Elevate

S= Support

This is a simple but methodically detailed way to use the ice therapy in usually an extraordinarily beneficial manner.

SPORTS – Lots of Fun
    Lots of Frustration

    Lots of Exercise

    Lots of Pains

Which one(s) of the above describe your relationship with sports?

If it is typically like many professional, semi-pro, weekend warrior, college and High-school athletes, it is a combination of them: All!

          It just depends on what part of the training cycle you are in!

          Dr. Young has personally enjoyed, played and trained in many sports at a variety of levels of expertise.

Sports Equipment Dr Young and Sports Equipment Dr Young Football
Dr Young Baseball Glove Dr Young Volley Ball Dr Young Basketball

The athlete needs to be treated in a way that will meet his particular needs; whether professional, semi-pro, collegiate, high school or even weekend warrior- protocols are individualized and Dr. Young takes great and meticulous care in optimizing these results.


Human Anatonmy Front Human Anatonmy Back

At Healthworld, we will work diligently- aggressively- persistently – to get you better as fast as possible…

Area of Pain Some Clinical Possibilities
NECK Whiplash, impact trauma (car accidents, football, sports…), muscle spasms, micro-tear of the tendons and or ligamentous structures myofascial, tears, pinched nerves, disc bulges or herniations, degenerative arthritis, burners, stingers...
 SHOULDERS Rotator cuff tears, impingement syndromes, jammed glenonomeral joint, muscular imbalance syndrome disorder (M.I.S.D.), overuse injury, degenerative arthritis, A -C joint separation...
 ELBOWS Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, lateral or medial epicondylitis, triceps tendosynovitis, degenerative arthritis
 HANDS Carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative arthritis, jammed fingers, tendonitis, trigger fingers... 
 HIPS Hip pointers, jammed hips, osteoarthritis, slipped hip disorder, tensor fascia latta syndrome
 KNEES Chondromalacia patella, torn ACL, torn PCL, torn meniscus, plica, patella mistracting, degenerative arthritis...
 ANKLES/FEET Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, excessive pronation or supination disorder, flat  feet, jammed toes...
 MID-BACK Pinched nerves, bulging or herniated discs, jammed vertebrae, displaced ribs, muscular sprain/ strain complex...
LOWER-BACK Sciatica, sacroiliac dislocation, bulging or herniated discs, pinched nerves,  deep muscle spasms, paravertebral lumbar hypertonicity..

Yes, at Healthworld, we treat all the above conditions and many hundreds more of course.

Where ever it hurts

Whatever the pain

How ever long it has persisted


At Healthworld, we will work diligently- aggressively- persistently – to get you better as fast as possible...



Many time-test techniques are blended with exciting new technical breakthroughs and the most advanced physical therapy hardware available!

          Here’s a partial list for your consideration:

1. Chiropractic Techniques: (All done very gently indeed)

A. Gonstead
B. Diversified
C. D.N.F.T
D. S.O.T.
E. Cox-(Flexion/ distraction)
F.  P.N.T
G. Intermittent Traction

2. Soft Tissue (Muscle –Tendon-Ligament-Fascia)

A. Acupressure
B. Shiatsu
C. Tamtui
D. Rolfing (deep tissue)
E. A.R.T.
F. Myofascial Release
G. T.R.S.

3. Physical Therapy Equipment

A. Solaris Dynatron 706

1. E.M.S. - Interferential current- pre modulated current- micro-current- Russian stim

B. Multi-Radiance Medical MR4 – is a combination of: interferential current-SLD-LED and a low- level light laser- among the newest most cutting edge and powerful lasers in the world.

C. Bio-Wave- Truly among the most advanced technologies in the world for the professional neuromodulation of pain. Just listen to an abstract by 2 medical doctors from their paper entitled: bio-wave white paper on use of a neuromodulation pain therapy device (Bio wave) to treat acute sports injuries:

‘The subjects expressed great satisfaction with the treatments, and requested repeat treatments. The clinicians global impression was very favorable, which led to a request and use of the device for the U.S. Olympic swim team prior to and during the 2004 Olympics, as well as continued use of the Bio-Wave for a third year with the N.Y. Giants football team!

Click here to learn more about Bio-Wave

Please enjoy this technical informative about one of the best Physical Therapy Technologies anywhere in the world! (P.S. – You Doctors reading this- Call: Brad Siff at 1 877-BIO-WAVE- you need this for your patients too! Just tell him that Dr. Young sent you and he will take very good care of you…..)

And yes, Dr. Young became just the second Chiropractor in the country to use it in his private practice in Hartsdale, NY!

So, for you, what does this all mean?

        If you have any ache
        If you have any pain
        If you are hurting, anywhere at all….

You need to make an appointment now!
Call today: 914-683-1777
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