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    The beginning of Healthworld, April 19, 1983, is the shared birthday of Dr.s Gary and Joel Young, and was a fortuitous blessing, indeed. Working 7 days a week, no case was too difficult; no pain was too great for the ‘Young brothers’ to help.

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    At Healthworld, we create a simple and easy-to-follow first step that is an important and critical first step towards rebuilding a new and re-vitalized body, from the inside out!

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    At Healthworld, Dr. Young has post-graduate training in sports medicine, and has successfully and effectively treated tens of thousands of fingers, toes, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and wrists as well!

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  • Physical Therapy

    As a trained and certified chiropractic sports physician (see the Healthworld Difference section: Dr. Young’s credentials) using a wide variety of Physical Therapy equipment and tools, is really just: ‘part of the job.’

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  • Personal Trainer

    Dr. Gary Young has trained, hundreds of adults, kids, ‘weekend warriors’, and top athletes to a higher and much more productive level of athletic excellence than ever before!

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    And you have found a treasure trove of knowledge and it’s all yours to enjoy:
    CD’S- DVD’S- VIDEO CLIPS- T.V. Shows- RADIO SHOWS- Online Consultation Services and much more to come!

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  • International TV - Radio - Seminar Speaker

    Since the early 1980’s I have traveled the world giving series of lectures and seminars about the Martial Arts, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Biochemical nutrition and Bible study.

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  • Martial Arts Instructor

    All of my training and all of my instructors have across the Board, earned my devoted respect. Yet, invariably a favorite emerges; one that goes deep in the heart and who defines true excellence in his art.

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  • Bible Teacher

    Born identical twins, to parents who were Jewish, from the Priestly Tribe of the Levites, on both sides, and can trace our lineage directly back to Moses and Aaron! (Who were both Levites too!)

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Bible Teacher

Born identical twins, to parents who were Jewish, from the Priestly Tribe of the Levites, on both sides, and can trace our lineage directly back to Moses and Aaron! (Who were both Levites too!)

Going to Hebrew School as young boys, the ‘Young brothers” were Bar-Mitzvahed at the traditional 13 years old in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

The desire to ‘know the truth’ led us to a deep study of over 30 Religions, Cults and Philosophical belief systems and their apparent similarities and yet, their stark differences, as well.

Engaging in deep and critical analysis with Rabbis, Pastors, Priests, Fathers, Bishops, Archbishop’s, Cardinals, Sufis, Clerics, Professors and Educators of the like, the ‘big picture’ began to have a clear shape. Thousands of questions yet remained unanswered, so we delved deeply into the world’s Holy Books: The Bible, The Koran, The Vedas, The Upanishad, The Bagavad-Gita, the Texts of The Buddha and many more: yes you got the idea, I am sure.

We talked to Atheists, Agnostics, Philosophers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists as well…we did not want to leave anybody out you know!

So many hundreds of ways to look at the same thing, were they all ok or was there a singular particular truth, and thousands of variant distortions, leading to such confusion?

HOW TO TEST THE TRUTH, http://pharmaciemg.fr...al/



The Hebrew Scriptures commonly called:
The Old Testament and the New Testament, provided hundreds of critical, proveable tests! I know, we were surprised also!

Geology - Archeology - Prophecy - Teleology - Mathematics - and much more,

All stood up to the most critical tests!



Thru all our past, present and continued, deeply critical and skeptical analysis of all presented data (Deuteronomy 18, Acts 17:11, I Thessalonians 5:21)



1. God exists before all creation, as the external creator, God: HE who is: (Ain sof) WITHOUT END
2. God exists as one (Echad) yet reveals himself as:

  • God the Father
  • God the Son ( Yeshua Hamaschiach- Jesus The Christ)
  • God the Holy Spirit
  • Not 1+1+1 = 3 (?) whoever gave you the permission to use Math this way?! Why not: 1x1x1 = 1 (!) Well? If you want to use addition, I will correct you to use multiplication instead! So, pay attention my friend and allow me to correct your current confusion: He is one (Echad) God, and only one who is GOD!

Now, enter: SCIENCE!

Yes, SCIENCE CONFIRMS GOD! How could it not?

For HE created science, and has left billions of hints, clues and evidence for you to know him! Do not be blind, deaf and ignorant! Open your heart and HE will heal you….

Ok, back to science… and God’s truth of a GOD who is always one (Echad) but presents himself as 3 distinctions for HIS purposes!

What can you name that is also:
One in essence, yet, revealed in three distinct forms?


Yes in essence H2O – Two hydrogens and one oxygen, three parts, one whole- But look further:
Three Distinct Forms:

SOLID (ice) – LIQUID (water) - GAS (vapor)

Are they not still one essence? Of course they are.  Scientific biochemistry clearly justifies this principle, as seen in the:


The triple point water is a single combination of pressure and temperature at which Liquid Water, Solid Ice and Water Vapor can coexist in a stable equilibrium occurs at exactly 273.16 k (0.01 degree C) and a partial vapor pressure of 611.73 pascals (CA.6.1173 millibars, 0.0060373 atm).At this particular point, it is possible to change all of the substance to ice, water, or vapor by arbitrarily small changes in pressure and temperature. Even when the total pressure of a system is well above the triple point of water, provided the partial pressure of the water vapor is 611.73 pascals then the system can still be brought to the triple point of water.  (Referenced thru www.wikipedia.com and quite frankly, any good chemistry book!)

So, know that the triple point of a substance in thermodynamics is the temperature and pressure at which the three phases (Solid-Liquid-Gas) of that substance coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium.

Ok, now you hopefully enjoyed a bit of chemistry- are you seeing thru the clearing mist of doubt and confusion, yet?

Water-One essence, three distinct forms.

GOD- One essence( Echad), three distinct forms-

But one and only one GOD
Your Hebrew Scriptures, in the original Holy Tongue, Hebrew, clearly shows:

For all to See- Remember- and Live:


My twin Brother Joel and I are:

Messianic Jews:

That is, Jews who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is GOD the Son and lived, died and resurrected as your Messiah, your God because:


GOD has blessed us to teach HIS perfect truth, thru the original Hebrew language and culture.

Why is it important, you ask?!
Just look at the different religions, cults, denominations, philosophies and you can easily see this mass of confusion.


My twin brother Joel has meticulously done a masterful job at clarifying the deep Hebrew truths, not typically ever seen in all the various thousands of languages of man.  Just go to: www.forhisglory.org

To see, hear and read the biblical deep Hebraic truths, as I have also continued the LORD’S teachings so, just keep reading herein and also, go to the section: online store and consultations - in this area you will be able to see and purchase Dr. Young’s Bible Study TV series and his Bible study audio series, and begin a journey where: GOD’s gold, GOD’s hand and GOD’s David will richly bless all of your heart - filled deep and honest study.



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