• The Healthworld Difference

    The beginning of Healthworld, April 19, 1983, is the shared birthday of Dr.s Gary and Joel Young, and was a fortuitous blessing, indeed. Working 7 days a week, no case was too difficult; no pain was too great for the ‘Young brothers’ to help.

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  • Nutrition

    At Healthworld, we create a simple and easy-to-follow first step that is an important and critical first step towards rebuilding a new and re-vitalized body, from the inside out!

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  • Chiropractic

    At Healthworld, Dr. Young has post-graduate training in sports medicine, and has successfully and effectively treated tens of thousands of fingers, toes, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and wrists as well!

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  • Physical Therapy

    As a trained and certified chiropractic sports physician (see the Healthworld Difference section: Dr. Young’s credentials) using a wide variety of Physical Therapy equipment and tools, is really just: ‘part of the job.’

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  • Personal Trainer

    Dr. Gary Young has trained, hundreds of adults, kids, ‘weekend warriors’, and top athletes to a higher and much more productive level of athletic excellence than ever before!

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  • Online Store & Consultations

    And you have found a treasure trove of knowledge and it’s all yours to enjoy:
    CD’S- DVD’S- VIDEO CLIPS- T.V. Shows- RADIO SHOWS- Online Consultation Services and much more to come!

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  • International TV - Radio - Seminar Speaker

    Since the early 1980’s I have traveled the world giving series of lectures and seminars about the Martial Arts, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Biochemical nutrition and Bible study.

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  • Martial Arts Instructor

    All of my training and all of my instructors have across the Board, earned my devoted respect. Yet, invariably a favorite emerges; one that goes deep in the heart and who defines true excellence in his art.

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  • Bible Teacher

    Born identical twins, to parents who were Jewish, from the Priestly Tribe of the Levites, on both sides, and can trace our lineage directly back to Moses and Aaron! (Who were both Levites too!)

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Martial Arts Instructor

The year is 1965, New York City’s famed Chinatown, would be the birthplace of a life-long pursuit towards martial arts excellence involving, such arts as: Taichi, Hsing-Y, Pakua, Shaolin, Tiger Claw, Eagle Claw, White eyebrow, Preying Mantis, Choy-Li-Fut and Wing Chun (traditional- modified- Buddha palm), boxing, wrestling and fencing have all blended into a deeply complex history, filled with blood, sweat and much joy.

All of my training and all of my instructors have across the Board, earned my devoted respect. Yet, invariably a favorite emerges; one that goes deep in the heart and who defines true excellence in his art. To me, such a person is my teacher, since the summer of 1983, Grandmaster William Cheung of: The Global Traditional Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Association. (Please check out: www.cheungswingchun.com) headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Grandmaster Cheung’s martial arts skills are extraordinary and he has earned by his students and peers, the title of: The Master’s Master!

<tbody> <tr> <td style="text-align: center;">A Bon-Sao Technique
A classic - Wu-Sau Chi-Gung


Grandmaster Cheung was a friend and teacher to the world famous Bruce Lee!


 Butter-fly swords  The Young Bruce Lee and Wing-Chun Head-master Yip Man  A Young William Cheung and WIng-CHun Head-master Yip-Man


A Certificate Ceremony Grandmaster Cheung demonstrating a technique on SIFU Joe Sayah in NYC

Food- Friendship and a discussion on Chinese medicine


Many, many dozens of hard-core wing-chun seminars were held at my academy: The White Plains Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Academy; since 1983.


Classes are very intense and disciplined, and must always be deeply informative.

Yet, at times, due to the intense physicality, injuries may occur. Yet, there is a Doctor in the house! Dr. Young! Here I administer treatment to an injured student, as Grandmaster Cheung looks on in the background, as seen in the mirror’s reflection.


Always show a level of courtesy and respect.


After a hard, intense Wing Chun King-Fu seminar, there may be nothing better than great Chinese food with good friends, here is SIFU Dr. Young and some very talented students.


SIFU Dr follow this link. Young and some other Wing-Chun instructors and students ‘surprised’ Grandmaster Cheung in NYC with a great dinner, good friends and some very special gifts as well.

<tbody> <tr> <td><img src="images/martial_arts/picture19.jpg" alt="" border="0" />


Some very intense seminars were held in NYC- Grandmaster William Cheung (standing center- white shirt and red sash) and SIFU Dr. Young (standing- black shirt- at Grandmaster Cheung’s left side) also seen are SIFU Dr. Young’s senior and intermediate students.


My SIFU, my friend: Grandmaster William Cheung, at my: White Plains Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Academy.


SIFU Dr. Young can be reached by:

  • Calling - 914-683-1777
  • E-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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